Heritage House Uganda

Heritage House Uganda is a children's centre which provides a home for 200 children just outside of Kampala city, Uganda. The centre was established in 2008 by local pastor Moses Katende in partnership with Reality Church (formerly Dreamlife Church) in Perth, Western Australia. The project began in response to the needs of children in local communities who were orphaned, abandoned, or whose families were not able to care for them or send them to school.

Heritage House Uganda provides for the education of 200 children, and also provides for their basic needs including housing, meals and clean water, clothing and school supplies. The centre opened with an on-site primary school, while on-site secondary school classes were launched in 2017. 


Since its beginnings with the purchase of a vacant lot of land in 2008, there have been multiple successful projects at Heritage House Uganda:

  • Construction of two large dormitories with beds to accommodate over 200 children
  • Establishing an onsite primary school including construction of semi-permanent classroom buildings and employment of qualified teaching staff
  • Installation of a groundwater pump to supply clean water for drinking, cooking and hygiene
  • Planting of a vegetable garden to supplement the children's diet and reduce food costs
  • Purchase/breeding of animals - goats, pigs, cows and chickens, and construction of animal enclosures. This has provided a source of food and milk which has helped to reduce costs.

Next steps

Plans are underway to continue developments at Heritage House Uganda once the necessary funds are raised. Future projects include:

  • Completion of the partially-constructed new primary classrooms which are replacing the current dirt-floor structures
  • Construction of classrooms for the new on-site high school classes
  • Rainwater tanks and pumps to supply running water to the showers and toilets
  • Security wall around the premises
  • School library
  • On-site medical centre

Dream Life International

Heritage House Uganda is an initiative of Dream Life International, a registered not-for-profit Australian charity. Dream Life International exists to provide relief to those in need, both locally and internationally, with Heritage House Uganda being the largest focus internationally. Dream Life International relies solely on donations from the community to provide relief through food parcels in Perth through The Pantry, as well as financial support to Uganda.