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Unto Us a Calf is Born!

Great news! One of the cows kept at Heritage - her name is Hope - gave birth to a bull this month.

Three of the goats have also just given birth to one kid each.

In addition to the cows and goats, the Centre is also now home to pigs, ducks, turkeys and chickens. "Our vision is to have milk for our children, meat from the bulls, goats and pigs, poultry and eggs from the birds", Pastor Moses tells us.

He reports that the next challenge is to build larger shelters to keep the animals. They are now outgrowing their current space, and large modern shelters are needed in order for more animals to be purchased or bred.

They are also in need of a refrigerator. Hope the cow produces a minimum of seven litres of milk a day and she has the ability to produce more milk, however there is nowhere to store the milk.

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In other news, Pastor Moses reports that one of the most pressing needs is to get the new classrooms finished as soon as possible, ready for the next school term. Additional funds are still needed to install the doors and windows, plaster and paint the walls, finish the floors and install electricity. 

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Another future plan is to install a water tank to supply running water to the dormitory bathrooms for the children's showers and toilets. The plan is to build a reservoir underground tank which will collect rainwater from the roof gutters, and to purchase an electric pump to pump this water through to an above ground tank into the bathrooms.

A sincere thank you to the generous sponsors of The Uganda Project for continuing to partner with us to see these projects completed!


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